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How it Works

NFT Battle Royale allows your community to duke it out in frantic Battle Royale-style gameplay.
To join the fun, this is how it works:

  • 1. First, the player selects their favorite NFT community that they'll be representing.

  • 2. Next, the Player enters their Discord ID, which allows community leaders to identify winners.

  • 3. The player selects their character (i.e. NFT) from the corresponding NFT community roster.

  • 4. After selecting game options, players battle it out as the mayhem begins! The last team standing is declared the winner

  • 5. A final leaderboard is displayed with the top-scoring players. If desired, the NFT communities can choose to reward their top players.


Communities can either have their own members battle against each other
multiple NFT communities can compete for the ultimate victory!

Benefits of NFT Battle Royale

Bringing your NFT community to NFT Battle Royale enhances communities by making things more fun and interactive.

Here are a few benefits

  • 1. First and foremost, your community will have more fun and create stronger bonds with each other as they play.

  • 2. Playing against other communities gives greater visibility to your community. Ideas can be shared, and the combined network effects are much larger than any individual community. A win-win situation for everyone!

  • 3. NFT Battle Royale is highly visual, requiring very little language skills. This means all your international communities can unite and make new friends as they play.

  • 4. NFT Battle Royale is an innovative approach for hosting contests and rewarding community members.


Building the Future

NFT communities are taking the world by storm. They’ve grown exponentially and united people from all over the world. Discord is excellent for socializing and plays a pivotal role in building these communities. But like anything, Discord has its limitations. At Sooqista, we are positioning ourselves to create games that bring NFT communities together rather than divide them through gated access. This is how we grow as a whole. We improve by learning from each other and creating friendships that last a lifetime.

Video games bring people together and are consistently at the forefront of innovation for virtual worlds. With Sooqista's gaming solutions for NFT communities, we hope to address the challenges that communities face. Our Discord Mini-Game tools and NFT Battle Royale are only the beginning. We look forward to growing more and joining forces as we help gamify web3's future together.

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