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NFT Battle Royale Game

The Rise of Playable NFTs

We all have our favorite NFTs.
As owners, we often have emotional connections to the NFT, which arise from the art, the community, or some other aspect. However, most projects' utility and interaction with the art are very limited. This is a shame considering the strong and lively social nature of NFT communities. Sometimes it’s a whitelist collab. Sometimes a Twitter raid.

But one thing is certain: the sheer number of social interactions is massive within and between NFT communities.

To resolve this issue, we at Sooqista have developed a new way to interact with the art of your favorite NFTs. NFT Battle Royale is an online multiplayer game where NFT communities battle in a fun, immersive virtual environment. Players use the NFTs from their favorite communities to battle it out against other NFT communities in a fight to be the last man standing.

It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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